Workers' Compensation

  • Tragedy strikes both off-the-job and on-the-job, no matter what precautions have been taken. The Workers’ Compensation Practice Group at Hill Wallack LLP has spent the last 40 years concentrating its practice specifically in work place safety issues -- from the employer’s point of view.

    We have positioned ourselves at the cutting edge of workers’ compensation, representing major industries which include pharmaceutical, transportation, fast food, aerospace, hotel, governmental bodies, and manufacturing companies. Our distinguished service has been noted throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and the country for exceptional claims assessment and we are recognized authorities in this area of the law. Our Group is comprised of lawyers and paralegals dedicated to the highest standards of excellence and quality service.

    Understanding your cost containment needs and the health care risks you confront, our innovative legal techniques and systems are designed to meet clients’ needs with personalized, one-on-one service before injury occurs. As a preventative measure, we also provide comprehensive pre-accident consultation to reduce your liability through effective management. In addition, we perform legal file audits to ensure maximum return and legal efficiency of hired counsel.

    Your claims are handled with a special commitment to true cost containment measures. Our knowledge, integrity and extensive experience is ranked among the foremost in the field. When unfortunate consequences motivate a third-party lien recovery, our Group possesses the expertise to effectively meet that challenge. Oftentimes, we take a cross-disciplinary approach -- the philosophical basis of all Hill Wallack LLP Practice Groups -- as we work with our Insurance Defense Practice Group and the Litigation Division. Our litigation team is fully prepared to defend your interests resourcefully and aggressively and, when it is deemed appropriate, able to provide comprehensive services at the appellate level as well.

    To keep you properly informed of emerging trends in workers’ compensation and how best to plan for the future, we sponsor in-house and on-site seminars throughout the year, which describes new developments in this area, as well as regular workers’ compensation updates for organizations, such as the New Jersey Self-Insured Association, and our clients.

    Our position is that sound communication, cooperation and good faith are necessary for the workers’ compensation system to achieve its lofty goals. It is the belief of Hill Wallack LLP’s Workers’ Compensation Practice Group that each party must be treated with respect and be allowed personal dignity in the face of medical tragedy suffered in the line of modern productivity.