Regulatory & Government Affairs

Regulatory & Government Affairs

  • The Regulatory & Government Affairs Practice Group is dedicated to government problem solving. Our combination of legal, legislative and administrative experience, and substantial depth in a broad range of legal and policy areas enables us to offer multi-dimensional legal advice to achieve our clients' objectives.

    Our Clients

    We counsel and represent government entities and public officials, as well as businesses, trade associations, nonprofits and individuals interacting with federal and state governmental bodies. 

    What We Do

    Our attorneys possess the wide range of legal and policy experience required for effective representation in regulatory matters and administrative proceedings before federal, state and local agencies. Our attorneys have first-hand experience with the State's 50 autonomous authorities and many of its 500-odd State agencies. Hill Wallack LLP also has substantial experience representing clients before the State Commission of Investigations and legislative committees.

    In today's complex and ever-expanding regulatory environment, litigation alone is often insufficient to achieve a client's goals. We understand the myriad of public agencies and how they can be brought to bear on a client's problems. We provide a tailored, integrated approach involving legislative, rulemaking, permitting and policy considerations in addition to more traditional litigation options. We are also adept at organizing and managing the best team of professionals to solve a particular problem in a cost-efficient manner. We pride ourselves in the ability to advise and represent public or private clients on all these dimensions.

    We have substantial experience in implementing and running legal and ethical compliance programs, conducting internal investigations and managing crisis situations for public and private entities.

    We also advise political committees, non-profit organizations, corporations, trade associations, consultants and lobbyists at the local, state and federal levels on political and election law compliance matters before the FEC, ELEC and ethics boards. We have developed compliance systems to insure candidates, political committees, corporations and major contributors observe all relevant legal strictures associated with their political activities.

    Representative Matters

    Our attorneys are credited with solving New Jersey's EZ Pass debacle, merging the Turnpike and Parkway, and creating innovative solutions to numerous government challenges.

    The firm is widely recognized as a knowledgeable and effective advocate for a variety of clients before all types of regulatory bodies. Whether legislative, regulatory or judicial decisions impact your operations, Hill Wallack LLP can help you achieve your goals.