Commercial Real Estate Tax Appeals

Commercial Real Estate Tax Appeals

  • For over 30 years, Hill Wallack LLP’s Commercial Real Estate Tax Appeals Practice Group attorneys have rendered careful counsel to clients in the review and appeal of their real estate tax assessments. Our dedicated attorneys and carefully trained support staff possess a thorough understanding of the most intricate legal issues affecting the taxation of commercial, residential and investment real estate. The Group provides clients with unique insights to enhance the prospects of success for their tax appeals, and the tested experience of the Group ensures the thorough analysis and handling of each client’s potential appeal.

    Our Clients

    Our experienced attorneys have achieved substantial tax savings for our clients. We represent not only businesses, secured lenders and individuals in property tax appeals, state tax litigation and real estate transaction planning, but also regularly represent municipalities in defending valuation appeals. We also negotiate tax credit and other incentive packages with state and local governmental entities.

    We represent owners of industrial, commercial, investment and residential property including retail, manufacturing, warehouse, office, and research and development facilities. We also represent taxpayer tenants and mortgage lenders involved with these types of properties.

    What We Do

    Our Commercial Real Estate Tax Appeals Practice Group attorneys are careful to file an appeal only when reasonably warranted. They do not risk the consequences of a property valuation increase by inviting a municipality to put a property under a microscope unless there is a compelling argument for property tax relief. The appeal process, while detailed and complex, is designed to minimize the effort of the client.

    Property valuation and real estate assessment levies can be complicated. If the taxpayer is not well-versed in the concepts and processes applicable to the determination of property value, they often have no way of knowing if the assessment is fair. To fully understand how assessments are calculated requires correctly applying ratios that factor into equalized market values.

    As a result, it is important to consult with a lawyer who understands and can help you accurately gauge the value of your property, and the thresholds for success that are specific to your municipality. Our attorneys will study your property to verify the data on which the taxing jurisdiction is basing an assessment in all aspects, from the physical conditions of the property, to potential environmental concerns, changes in rental income streams and stigma. Hill Wallack LLP will guide the entire process from initial analysis through selection of an appraiser, and from negotiations with municipal officers to, if necessary, litigation on the County and State level.

    Representative Matters

    • Hill Wallack LLP successfully represented an owner of a unique multi-unit property in a reduction of an excessive property tax assessment through both the county and state levels that was profiled in a recent issue the Wall Street Journal’s SmartMoney magazine. 
    • Representing mortgage lenders and other investors, Hill Wallack LLP has engaged municipalities across the State in the Tax Court to reduce the assessments of mortgaged property on behalf of the lien holders.
    • With our expertise in Community Associations, Hill Wallack LLP regularly presents and develops cost effective tax assessment strategies for entire neighborhoods and developments.

    We invite you to contact one of our Commercial Real Estate Tax Appeals Practice Group attorneys for a consultation if you are interested in engaging our firm to represent you or your business in connection with the appeal of a real estate tax assessment.