Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

  • The Intellectual Property practice group at Hill Wallack LLP is primarily based in our Princeton and New York locations. We offer the full line of intellectual property services and most attorneys have 20 years relevant experience.  

    Intellectual Property services include:

    • Obtaining, protecting and enforcing patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, trade dress, and Internet domain rights
    • Counseling clients and working to establish intellectual property protocols
    • Establishing and monitoring intellectual property portfolios
    • Providing evaluations of intellectual property portfolios
    • Advising clients on infringement and approaching settlement conversations as early as possibly to reduce legal fees
    • Providing opinions on infringement and right-to-use factors
    • Drafting and negotiating license agreements, ownership agreements, confidential disclosures and research agreements
    • Negotiating contracts and disputes involving proprietary rights
    • Providing documentation and analysis to assist in funding
    • Providing studies and opinions to support commercialization
    • Drafting joint research and development agreements
    • Representing clients in litigation with regards to disputes that involve patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, trade dress and domain names
    • Advising clients on electronic information storage and cyber protection protocols
    • Advising clients on branding practice
    • Investigations of records at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and Library of Congress (U.S. Copyright Office)
    • Advising clients on electronic evidence

    Our Clients

    Our clients include publicly-traded companies, privately-held companies, start-ups, and individuals. Hill Wallack LLP has represented intellectual property owners and their licensees; and in other matters, those opposing the intellectual property rights.  

    What We Do

    Hill Wallack LLP has successfully represented clients' interests before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the U.S. Copyright Office, the Federal District and Appellate Courts. It also represents client interests in Arbitrations, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP).

    We educate our clients so they can better assist us in identifying their intellectual property rights (trademarks, trade secrets, patents and know how) and work with each client closely to protect these rights.

    Representative clients are in the following areas:  Avionics; Automotive; Boat and Boat Trailer; Banking; Chemicals; Fuel; China and Earthenware; Fashion; Computers and Circuitry; Dental and Medical Devices; DNA Testing; Fiber Optics; Food Processing; Internet Applications; Material Handling; Mechanical Goods; Optical Lenses; Packaging; Information Technology; Fintech; Pharmaceuticals; Power Generation and Distribution; Rail Systems; Remediation; Solar Systems; Steel Manufacturing; Taxidermy; and Thermoplastic Structures.

    Hill Wallack LLP attorneys are experienced in successfully representing trademark clients for Word marks, Graphic Logo marks, Combination marks, and Slogan or Tagline marks.

    We also have experience with Copyrights on: Architectural Designs; Computer Software Code; Corporate Advertising Materials; Electronic and Desktop Publishing Technology; Live Entertainment; Movies; Music; Novels; Textbooks; and Travel Services Advertising.

    Hill Wallack LLP attorneys will carefully monitor the applicable law and statutes for changes and modifications as well as changes in governmental rules of practice.