Franchise Law

Franchise Law

  • The Franchise Law practice group at Hill Wallack LLP is experienced in representing franchisors and franchisees throughout the United States on a wide range of franchise-related topics. With familiarity in the federal and various state franchise laws and regulations, this practice group can assist clients anywhere in the United States in franchise disputes.

    What We Do

    • Prepare franchise-related documents, including Franchise Disclosure Documents (“FDD”), Franchise and License Agreements, and Area Development Agreements;
    • Review franchise-related documents;
    • Negotiate with franchisors or franchisees regarding franchise-related documents, including termination agreements, non-compete agreements, and buyback/sellback agreements;
    • Form limited liability companies and corporations; and
    • Register trademarks.

    The Franchise Law practice group has also advised clients in litigation, arbitration and mediation regarding the franchisor-franchisee relationship, including:

    • Termination issues;
    • Infringement of intellectual property rights;
    • Enforcement of non-competition agreements;
    • Breach of contract, including failure to abide by system standards and non-payment of royalties;
    • Employment matters; and
    • Fraud claims.

    Hill Wallack LLP attorneys closely monitor the applicable case law, regulations and statues for changes and modifications in franchise-related laws and regulations throughout the country. 

    Our Clients

    Hill Wallack LLP provides support to franchise clients in various industries, including hotels, restaurants, health and home care, and other service-related business models.