• 09/26/2017

    Hill Wallack LLP Partner to be a panelist at CAI-NJ Legal Forum


    Partner Caroline Record will be a panelist at CAI-NJ Legal Forum on Tuesday, September 26, 2017.


    Legal Issues Impacting Community Associations

    For those serving community associations, there are many more questions for legal counsel than there are answers. What do you do if you schedule an election, but there aren’t enough candidates to run or owners to vote? What are you permitted to do to regulate emotional support animals? What do you do if the sponsor controls the board but won’t attend meetings, or perform its other duties, as board members? What do you do if the board knows the reserves are insufficient but the owners contend the fees are already excessive? When should (and shouldn’t) an association litigate, and what’s the down side for the association (besides legal fees)? The questions go on and on. 1/2 day of credit towards the Professional Management Development Program (PMPD)

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