• 11/11/2015

    Proposed Amateur Radio Parity Act Threatens Community Association Covenants

    Client Alert

    This Alert transmits an important message from CAI regarding a disturbing bill pending in both houses of Congress. The proposed Federal Legislation would allow HAM Radio Operators to install antennas anywhere in a condominium or HOA despite association architectural covenants. I urge you to communicate with our U.S. Senator Corey Booker, who is on the Committee considering this legislation. Below is a Call to Action from CAI's Government & Public Affairs Department:

    The Amateur Radio Parity Act (S. 1685) is scheduled for mark-up in the Senate Commerce Committee on November 18. Your Senator serves on the Senate Commerce Committee and it is very important he/she hears from you today to oppose S. 1685.

    In its current form, S. 1685 pre-empts community associations' architectural guidelines and safety rules related to installation of HAM radio towers and antennas.

    If S. 1685 passes:

    1. Community associations would not be able to require prior approval or to have uniform rules for installation of HAM radio towers and antennas.

    2. Community associations would lose the right to apply a critical approval process to ensure compliance with community architectural standards; including safety and aesthetic guidelines.

    3. All community association standards for determining installation of HAM radio towers and antennas will be replaced by the Federal Communications Commission's "reasonable accommodation" standard that mandates installation of HAM radio antennas with no prior approval and no safety certification or restrictions.

    Please contact your Senator today and let him/her know that S. 1685 is not workable and will compromise the safety and interests of the 65 million people living in America's community associations.

    CAI staff and lobbyists have spoken with staff in these Senators' offices and they have indicated they haven't heard from their constituents (you) opposing S. 1685. CAI has confirmed HAM radio activists have sent more than 14,000 messages to Congress in support of S. 1685. We need to have the Senators and their staff hear from you!

    It is VERY IMPORTANT that you and other members in your community act. Send this message to your community and ask that they too contact their Senators. Protect your property values. Protect your say in your community's affairs.

    >>>Contact your Senators by clicking here<<<

    Dawn M. Bauman, CAE
    Senior Vice President, Government Affairs
    Community Associations Institute

    CAI White Paper on HAM Radios and Community Associations
    CAI Advocacy Bulletin on Ham Radios and Community Associations
    S. 1685

    Suggested communication language, or please express your own thoughts.

    I am writing to ask you to oppose S. 1685, the Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2015. I live in a community association and this bill would allow Ham Radio operators to put their antenna towers anywhere on the property, including right next to my home. They won’t even have to satisfy building codes. We have rules against this to protect me and my neighbors. I don’t need and don’t want these huge towers right next to my home and have their cables where my children play. Please help protect my family and my neighbors by not allowing this bill to become law.