• November 1, 2013

    Leadership Is Not About Being The Boss

    Outlook Magazine

    The following article written by Partner, Francis J. Sullivan.

    Recently I have been thinking a great deal about leadership development and the impact it has on every facet of our lives—from our families and communities to our children and schools to the partnerships and investments we make in the Philadelphia region beginning right here at home in Bucks County. How well we lead now will greatly affect tomorrow’s future.

    In a recent study by The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) two key findings really hit home with me: first, the only constant in leadership development is change —“our environment is far more complex, volatile and unpredictable” and second, that “new skills including more complex and adaptive thinking abilities are needed.”

    How does that translate to us on individual levels? Well the study also cited a number of trends, one of which I think is a pivotal springboard to our future success…that there has to be a “greater focus on collective rather than individual leadership,” and that effective leadership “is a collective process that is spread throughout networks of people.” In other words, what can we do to help make the places where we live and work better, smarter, stronger and poised for long term health and prosperity? For those of us “in charge as bosses” the real joy and success is enabling others to have the freedom and courage to innovate, discover, fail (and try again). We need to help people move out of their comfort zones, face unfamiliar territory and to use technology to connect rather than silo our resources. Innovation and creativity isn’t just for Silicon Valley companies. Innovation belongs front and center in public and private companies, in non-profits, in our local, state and federal governments and in our schools. As bosses we know we are being good leaders when those around us grow, connect and share. Take a look around and see what you can do today to help others and move from being the boss to being a leader.

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