• August 17, 2023

    New Jersey Adopts Permanent Community Solar Energy Program

    Henry Chou

    Following a successful 2-year pilot program, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU) has voted to create a permanent Community Solar Energy Program (CSEP). NJBPU issued an Order on August 16, 2023, which, in conjunction with rulemaking, establishes a permanent CSEP. The CSEP will allow renters, residents of multi-family housing, low and moderate income households and others for whom on-site solar installations are impractical, to benefit from the cost savings and access to clean energy.
    The CSEP allows for community solar projects of 5 MW or less on rooftops, carports and canopies over impervious surfaces, contaminated sites and landfills, and certain bodies of water such as water treatment reservoirs and dredge ponds.
    The application window for a 225 MW capacity energy block for Energy Year (EY) 2024 is expected to open in November 2023 and a second application period for an additional minimum of 225 MW for EY 2025 is expected to open on June 1, 2024.

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