• November 15, 2021

    Jonathan C. Meyers speaking at the Pennsylvania Self-Insurers' Association Annual Meeting

    Jonathan C. Meyers
    is a featured speaker at the Pennsylvania Self-Insurers’ Association Annual Meeting on November 15th at Seven Springs Mountain Resort in Champion, PA.

    Mr. Meyers will be discussing Employee Advocacy & Analytics Drive Award Winning Workers’ Compensation Results. He will be joined by co-panelists, John Madaus, Dr. Jack Perry, Brian Chance and Ted Fricker.

    Keynote speaker, Eric Giguere will kick off the Annual Meeting with “The Buried Truth Uncovered” a presentation that is sure to motivate and impress.

    Other topics being covered at the Annual Meeting are:

    • PSIA Annual Meeting and Legislative Update  
    • Bureau Update
    • Early Symptom Intervention          
    • Medical Marijuana within Occupational Medicine & Safety

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