• May 3, 2021

    Client Alert: Governor Murphy Announces Relaxation of COVID-19 Restrictions

    Written by: Ronald L. Perl

    The Governor announced today that a number of restrictions will be modified as of May 19. However, he noted that we would be receiving details from the New Jersey Department of Health (DOH) regarding some of these changes. As usual, we will need to see those details before we can take specific actions, especially in regard to swimming pools and gyms. Here are the highlights as they pertain to community associations:

    • The general limit for indoor gatherings will be raised from 25 to 50. This may allow some smaller communities to have indoor board, committee or membership meetings. Social distancing must be observed and masks still must be used.
    • Outdoors, the numerical limit is being removed, but again, social distancing and masking still apply.
    • Gyms (which as of May 7 are at 50%) will also have no numerical limit but will be limited to the number that can be accommodated by using the six-foot distancing requirement.  In the case of smaller gyms, this might not make a huge difference in capacity.
    • Pools will also be limited only by the six-foot distancing rule.
    • If your facility has catering available, indoor catered events (which as of May 7 are at 50% up to 250 people) will have no numerical limit, but the six-foot distancing requirement.
    • For those associations with restaurants (which as of May 7th will be at 50%, with 6 feet between tables) the percentage limit will go away but the six-foot distancing will remain.  In addition, the six feet will be relaxed where there are partitions that comply with DOH requirements. Finally, the limit of 8-person tables will be eliminated as of May 19th.

    Executive Order 238, which contains the modifications effective on Friday May 7 can be found here. The Executive Order that will be effective as of May 19 has not been issued.

    Hill Wallack Community Associations
    attorneys will provide further details as more information becomes available.