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    • 03/10/2020

      Coronavirus Planning for Associations

      Client Alert

      Written by: Ronald L. Perl

      Community Associations, like other organizations and businesses in our area, are considering action plans to prevent the potential spread of coronavirus, COVID-19. Management and board members have been considering whether to cancel or postpone events, limit access to common areas such as clubhouses and gyms, or otherwise prepare in the event the coronavirus spreads to our area. Certainly there is no need for panic or overreaction at this time.  However we do recommend that association boards and managers become educated about the coronavirus and the possible steps that can be taken in the event that cases are identified locally.  Our Community Associations attorneys are available to consult with you in order to address your concerns.  We recommend that you consult CAI National’s website for basic information on what associations can do to prepare, using this link.  Also, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website is informative and helpful and can be found here.

      At this point, education and awareness are most important and we hope that this communication will help you begin that process.

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