• Employment Law

    This blog covers employment law and labor law issues in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

    Trusts & Estates Law

    This blog provides news, information and updates with regard to all aspects of estate planning, estate administration and any other ancillary issues which may arise in these practice areas. The blog also enables readers to keep up-to-date on any newsworthy caselaw developments or important changes in the law to the tax code or statutes which may impact the estate planning and administration practice. The goal of the Trusts & Estates practice group is to provide a robust and educational blog which addresses a diverse range of issues.

    Chinese Direct Investment Law

    This blog is a resource for Chinese companies and state-owned entities doing business in the U.S. It examines topics including foreign direct investment, mergers and acquisitions, dispute resolution, employment and labor, intellectual property, government permitting, real estate and renewable energy. The blog provides insight which is beneficial to China-based companies looking to succeed in the U.S. market.