A myriad of challenges confront school systems in the twenty first century. There is the demand for schools of excellence, and the need for educational reform with increased accountability. In the face of all these challenges, the school district's board of education still has the fundamental responsibility to provide a thorough and efficient school system. To that end, the primary responsibility of the School Law Practice Group at Hill Wallack LLP is to supplement the resources of this governing body and help to achieve that goal.

The School Law Practice Group has experience in every area of school law and serves as counsel to area school boards, handling many education cases before the Commissioner of Education, the State Board of Education, state and federal courts, and other administrative agencies including the Public Employment Relations Commission and the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Working with school district board members, superintendents, and administrative personnel to effectively protect the board's economic and legal interests, the group seeks to address taxpayer concerns and is sympathetic to the budgetary constraints that often plague the board and restrict its ambition.

The Group provides comprehensive in-house seminars for Board members, school administrators and other district staff. These inservice sessions help to promote harmonious labor management relationships as the Group shares its diverse, yet pertinent experience in handling labor issues, including appointment and removal matters, tenure and special education matters, harassment, bullying and other topical issues.

To help prevent and manage employee claims, the firm also offers a Workers' Compensation Practice Group concentrating its practice in work place safety issues. The Group works from an employer's point of view to minimize risk and reduce the number of claims made by employees.

The School Law Practice Group finds it critically important to be involved with the associations serving the needs of its clients, and is actively involved in the Association of School Attorneys, an affiliation of the New Jersey School Boards Association, and is also an allied member of the New Jersey Association of School Administrators