Hill Wallack LLP's Family Law Practice Group has successfully litigated family law cases at all levels of the New Jersey Court system, including the Trial level, Appellate Division and New Jersey Supreme Court as well as the Common Pleas courts of the Appellate Court levels in Pennsylvania.

Hill Wallack LLP provides representation in the areas of divorce, equitable distribution of marital assets, child support, alimony, custody, parenting time, adoption, dependency proceedings and domestic violence. We negotiate and prepare prenuptial agreements, comprehensive marital settlement agreements and interspousal agreements as well as review and assess the enforceability of existing agreements.

We provide realistic assessments on the preservation and division of marital property between you and your spouse and the preparation of comprehensive property settlement and parenting agreements. We assist you in understanding the relevant issues and formulating appropriate expectations considering the risks and costs associated with divorce or other family law issues. We are experienced in the handling of complex and sophisticated financial aspects of divorce, such as identifying, valuing and distributing assets and liabilities subject to equitable distribution. Hill Wallack LLP has also represented clients in ancillary matters, such as sales of real estate involved in divorce, taxing issues and other similarly related matters.

Hill Wallack LLP vigorously represent clients throughout the entire course of the proceedings, including trial if necessary. Our experience allows us to handle all types of family matters in an effective, cost efficient manner.