Employers today are faced with a wide range of complex employment and labor issues. The Employment & Labor Law Practice Group at Hill Wallack LLP assists management and human resource personnel in preventing and, where necessary, defending against employee claims. They also assist those employees who are injured by companies who fail to follow the law by engaging in acts of discrimination, sexual harassment, whistleblower retaliation and breach of contract.

Preventive action is a major emphasis of the Employment & Labor Law Practice Group. The Group assists companies in compliance efforts by developing anti-discrimination, anti-retaliation and sexual harassment policies, drug and alcohol assistance programs and other counseling benefits to their employees. The Group counsels companies on hiring and discharge practices to ensure their compliance with both state and federal laws. When companies are faced with complaints of violations of state and federal laws, the Group assists their corporate clients in compelling proper investigations and taking the proper action which will be a deterrent to other violations. Hill Wallack LLP attorneys instruct clients as to the proper action to be taken after complaints to prevent subsequent legal action. Members of the Group also provide in-house/on-site seminars for management, stressing practical advice to supervisors and assistance to human resource professionals in order to create and sustain proactive employment policies and mitigate the risk of employment or labor related legal issues.

The Group also counsels employers on the myriad of issues that arise in the area of traditional labor law, such as union organizing campaigns, collective bargaining, labor arbitrations, strike and picket line issues, as well as proceedings before the National Labor Relations Board.

Since Hill Wallack LLP's Employment & Labor Law practice group represents both employers and employees, they have a complete understanding of the issues on both sides in this area of law. In situations where an employer has truly failed to follow the legal dictates, the firm's attorneys, with over 25 years of experience, have litigated cases with million dollar results on behalf of plaintiffs.

The Group has extensive experience in defending and prosecuting cases in federal and state court involving all areas of employment and labor law including:

  • Federal law matters (ADA, ADEA, FMLA. FLSA, Title VII (racial, gender, ethnic, religious discrimination, etc.), ERISA, NLRA, LMRA);
  • New Jersey State law matters( Law Against Discrimination, CEPA, NJ Family Civil Rights Act, NJ Wage and Hour Law);
  • Pennsylvania State law matters (PHRA, Wage Payment and Collection Law, Whistleblower Statue);
  • Common Law and other statutory claims (defamation, trade secret violations, restrictive covenants/covenants not to compete, employment contracts); and
  • Internal investigations (harassment, employee theft/dishonesty, fraud, computer/internet abuse, etc.)

The Group is also experienced in representing both employers and employees in matters arising under the employment and labor laws in the State of New York. Hill Wallack LLP attorneys provide assertive but cost-effective litigation from the administrative agency proceedings through trial and Appeal.

Through constant attention to developments in the law and careful analysis of employment and labor practices, Hill Wallack LLP's Employment & Labor Law Practice Group provides quality representation in this complicated and complex field of law.