• 06/12/2018

    Hill Wallack LLP Accepted the HomeFront Diaper Challenge!

    Princeton, N.J. June 12, 2018 --- Hill Wallack LLP participated in the HomeFront Diaper Challenge! HomeFront launched a month-long Diaper Challenge aimed at raising 100,000 diapers and baby wipes. During this time, the offices of Hill Wallack LLP collected diapers and baby wipes for this worthy cause. On June 12, 2018, Wendy Cohen, John Petrangeli and Eileen Garretson of Hill Wallack presented Ms. Connie Mercer, the President/CEO of HomeFront with these items for the families in Mercer County. Katrina Homel, Esq. and Mary Gnias spearheaded collections for the Hill Wallack Yardley office. This effort will culminate in the opening of HomeFront’s Diaper Resource Center, a new program to support families experiencing the need for diapers in Mercer County. The National Diaper Bank Network estimates that 1 in 3 American families report experiencing the need for diapers. Disposable diapers cost at least $70 to $80 per month per baby, but no state or federal child safety-net program allocates dollars for the purchase of diapers and they cannot be obtained with food stamps. Without diapers, babies cannot participate in early childhood education programs and without child care, parents cannot go to work. The diapers speak directly to HomeFront’s mission to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness in New Jersey.