Hill Wallack LLP Firm News/Blogs Feedhttp://www.hillwallack.com/?t=39&format=xml&directive=0&stylesheet=rss&records=10en-us20 Oct 2017firmwisehttp://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rssHill Wallack LLP Partner Ronald L. Perl to speak at 2017 Community Association Law Summithttp://www.hillwallack.com/?t=40&an=68089&format=xml&p=555515 Nov 2017Event<em>Presented in cooperation with NJSBA Real Property, Trust &amp; Estate Law Section and the Community Associations Institute, New Jersey Chapter (CAI-NJ)<br /> </em><br /> <div style="text-align: center;"><strong><span id="dnn_ctr3157_DNNWebControlContainer_ctl00_lblLocation">New Jersey Law Center<br /> 1 Constitution Sq. <br /> New Brunswick, NJ <br /> <br /> November 15, 2017 - 9:00 AM - 4:30PM</span></strong><span id="dnn_ctr3157_DNNWebControlContainer_ctl00_lblLocation"><br /> </span></div> <div style="text-align: left;">Partner <a href="http://www.hillwallack.com/ronald-l-perl">Ronald L. Perl</a> will be speaking at the below seminar. <br /> &nbsp;</div> <div style="text-align: left;"><strong><span id="dnn_ctr3157_DNNWebControlContainer_ctl00_lblLocation">About the program:</span></strong><span id="dnn_ctr3157_DNNWebControlContainer_ctl00_lblLocation"><br /> <br /> </span>Join this panel of distinguished community association practitioners and consultants for a program that analyzes key issues faced today by community associations. The discussion will include strategies and solutions for financial and other issues currently impacting associations. These experts will deal with timely topics, such as new regulations adopted by HUD governing harassment, understanding concepts such as &ldquo;benefits derived&rdquo;, and the interplay between association liens and bankruptcy law under Rones and Keise.<br /> <br /> The lunchtime presentation will be a lively discussion of several &ldquo;Hot Topics&rdquo; in community association law.<br /> <br /> Regardless of whether you are experienced in association practice, involved sporadically with association matters, or interested in pursuing the opportunities this field affords, this program will deliver an in-depth look at the most timely and significant concerns of associations governing condominiums and other types of planned communities.</div>http://www.hillwallack.com?t=39&format=xml&directive=0&stylesheet=rss&records=10A Financing Festival - A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundationhttp://www.hillwallack.com/?t=40&an=69646&format=xml&p=555526 Oct 2017Event<span style="font-size: medium;">Please join us! <br /> <br /> This financing festival will be a 3-hour informational session on New Jersey Sheriff Sales and their financing complete with food and drink.&nbsp; </span><br /> <br /> <img src="http://www.hillwallack.com/D444E6/assets/images/Random/Capturerevised.JPG" alt="" hspace="0" height="514" width="1027" vspace="0" border="0" align="absmiddle" />http://www.hillwallack.com?t=39&format=xml&directive=0&stylesheet=rss&records=10Hill Wallack LLP Partner Supti Bhattacharya to speak at NJSBA seminar in Madridhttp://www.hillwallack.com/?t=40&an=69301&format=xml&p=555523 Oct 2017Event<h3><span>How the Lack of Gender, Ethnic and Cultural Diversity Impacts Litigation in Europe and Around the World<br /> </span></h3> <p>Formulated from topics in current periodicals, this seminar will examine various diverse perspectives about arbitration and litigation and the idea that there is a need for a different approach for who sits at the bargaining tables. This discussion will look at the comparison of approaches in arbitration and litigation in Spain and the U.S. &ndash; and the vital place for professionalism and civility in the practice. Articles will be provided.</p> <p style="text-align: center;"><span style="font-size: medium;">Monday, October 23, 2017<br /> 8:30 - 9:45 a.m. <br /> The Westin Palace, Madrid<br /> Matahari Room </span></p> <p><span>Presenters:<br /> </span><br /> Raquel Ballesteros, Bird &amp; Bird <br /> Angela M. Scafuri, Esq., Bressler Amery Ross <br /> Moderator/Speaker: Kimberly A. Yonta, Esq., NJSBA Second Vice President, Yonta Law, LLC <br /> <a href="http://www.hillwallack.com/supti-bhattacharya"><span style="color: rgb(51, 102, 255);">Supti Bhattacharya, Esq.</span></a>, Hill Wallack, LLP<br /> Christina Hardman-O'Neal, Esq., Davison Eastman Munoz Lederman &amp; Paone, PA</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>http://www.hillwallack.com?t=39&format=xml&directive=0&stylesheet=rss&records=10Hill Wallack LLP attorney Matthew L. Devine to moderate seminar at Temple Law Schoolhttp://www.hillwallack.com/?t=40&an=69532&format=xml&p=555519 Oct 2017Event<p><i><span>&nbsp;</span></i><i><br /> </i><span style="font-size: medium;"><strong>How Do Attorneys Add Value to Startups and Investors?</strong></span> <a href="http://www.hillwallack.com/matthew-l-devine"><span style="color: rgb(51, 102, 255);"><br /> <br /> Matthew L. Devine</span></a> will be moderating a panel of entrepreneurs, angel investors, and startup industry leaders in the greater Philadelphia-area. This panel will feature representatives from the angel investment network Robin Hood Ventures, the co-working space operator Benjamin&rsquo;s Desk, and the entrepreneur-development program Venture for America, as well as senior attorneys from several Philadelphia-area law firms. The focus of the event will be on the role attorneys play in the development of startup firms and how attorneys can add the most value to their clients.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>http://www.hillwallack.com?t=39&format=xml&directive=0&stylesheet=rss&records=10Hill Wallack LLP Partner Kenneth R. Sauter appointed to the Board of the Housing Partnershiphttp://www.hillwallack.com/?t=40&an=69860&format=xml&p=531019 Oct 2017News Release<p><b>Princeton, NJ October 19, 2017</b> --- Hill Wallack Community Association and Real Estate attorney, <a href="http://www.hillwallack.com/kenneth-r-sauter">Kenneth R. Sauter</a>, has been appointed to the Board of Directors of the Housing Partnership.</p> <p>Ken is a partner in the Cedar Knolls, New Jersey office of Hill Wallack LLP, where he is a member of Hill Wallack LLP&rsquo;s Community Associations, Real Estate, and Banking &amp; Financial Services practice groups. His practice is devoted to real estate matters, with particular emphasis on the representation of community associations. His practice includes commercial real estate transactions; leasing and financing; representation of commercial lenders, including community association lenders; land use and development; and general business representation. Ken has lectured first time home buyers since 1995 and was honored as the Housing Partnership&rsquo;s volunteer of the year in 2009.</p> <p><b>The Housing Partnership Mission Statement: </b></p> <p>Strengthening communities by creating lasting and responsible homeownership through education and financial coaching.</p> <p><b>About the Housing Partnership</b></p> <p>Since 1992, the Housing Partnership, a nonprofit organization, located in Dover, New Jersey, has been the resource for home buyer education and programs in Northern NJ. We have changed lives and communities through our education, counseling services and special financial programs. Our workshops and one-on-one counseling, offered in both English and Spanish, have been the first step for over 1,000 families in their homeownership journeys. Our home buyers have gone on to invest over $99 million in the local economy.</p> <p>The Housing Partnership&rsquo;s successes grow from our strong coalition of community and non-profit leaders, bankers, municipal officials, builders, Realtors, and legal professionals. These individuals and organizations are dedicated to assisting prospective home buyers achieve their homeownership dreams.</p> <p align="center">###</p>http://www.hillwallack.com?t=39&format=xml&directive=0&stylesheet=rss&records=10Hill Wallack LLP attorney Vincent J. Magyar Jr. presenter at BCBA Bench-Bar Conferencehttp://www.hillwallack.com/?t=40&an=69425&format=xml&p=555506 Oct 2017Event<p>On October 6, 2017, <a href="http://www.hillwallack.com/?t=3&amp;A=5040&amp;format=xml&amp;p=5306"><span>Vincent J. Magyar Jr., Esq.</span></a> co-presented at a session of the Bucks County Bar Association 2017 Bench-Bar Conference <span>in Bedford Springs, Pennsylvania entitled: Board of Directors Meetings: Do you run them or do they run you?. This session covered topics and issues relevant to calling and managing corporate board of directors meetings, addressing notice and quorum issues, reviewing authority to act and taking action and other related considerations. </span></p>http://www.hillwallack.com?t=39&format=xml&directive=0&stylesheet=rss&records=10Hill Wallack LLP partner David J. Truelove delivers speech at Naturalization Ceremonyhttp://www.hillwallack.com/?t=40&an=69528&format=xml&p=555502 Oct 2017Event<br /> As the President of the Bucks County Bar Association, <a href="http://www.hillwallack.com/david-j-truelove"><span style="color: rgb(51, 102, 255);">David J. Truelove</span></a> delivered a speech on October 2, 2017 at the Naturalization Ceremony at Pearl Buck&rsquo;s home, the place where she welcomed many from far-away lands, providing refuge and hope to those who stayed.http://www.hillwallack.com?t=39&format=xml&directive=0&stylesheet=rss&records=10Hill Wallack LLP Partner to be a panelist at CAI-NJ Legal Forumhttp://www.hillwallack.com/?t=40&an=68087&format=xml&p=555526 Sep 2017EventPartner <a href="http://www.hillwallack.com/caroline-record">Caroline Record</a> will be a panelist at CAI-NJ Legal Forum on Tuesday, September 26, 2017.<br /> <strong><br /> WHAT WOULD YOU DO?</strong><br /> Legal Issues Impacting Community Associations<br /> <br /> For those serving community associations, there are many more questions for legal counsel than there are answers. What do you do if you schedule an election, but there aren&rsquo;t enough candidates to run or owners to vote? What are you permitted to do to regulate emotional support animals? What do you do if the sponsor controls the board but won&rsquo;t attend meetings, or perform its other duties, as board members? What do you do if the board knows the reserves are insufficient but the owners contend the fees are already excessive? When should (and shouldn&rsquo;t) an association litigate, and what&rsquo;s the down side for the association (besides legal fees)? The questions go on and on. <em>1/2 day of credit towards the Professional Management Development Program (PMPD)</em>http://www.hillwallack.com?t=39&format=xml&directive=0&stylesheet=rss&records=10Hill Wallack LLP attorney Katrina M. Homel to speak at Legal Roundtable Manager Education Seminarhttp://www.hillwallack.com/?t=40&an=68086&format=xml&p=555525 Sep 2017Event<a href="http://www.hillwallack.com/katrina-m-homel">Katrina M. Homel</a> will be speaking at CAI, Pennsylvaina &amp; Delaware Valley Chapter's Legal Roundtable Manager Education Seminar during the 2017 Annual Golf Outing on September 25th.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> <strong>Topic: Preventing and Addressing Harassment and Abuse of Community Association Managers</strong><br /> <p>Harassment and abuse of the Community Association manager by members of the Association may not only result in liability for the Association, but also create a difficult and unpleasant working environment for the manager and other employees. This presentation focuses on best practices for Associations to prevent abuse and harassment of Association managers as well as to address such abuse and harassment when it occurs. Related policies for employee handbooks addressing harassment and abuse of managers and other employees will also be discussed.</p> <em><span>(Managers will receive (3) hours of Continuing Education Credits)<br /> </span></em><br /> <br />http://www.hillwallack.com?t=39&format=xml&directive=0&stylesheet=rss&records=10Hill Wallack attorney Brett M. Buterick authors NJBIZ articlehttp://www.hillwallack.com/?t=40&an=68846&format=xml&p=552318 Sep 2017Media Mention<span style="font-size: medium;"><strong><br /> Article: <u>A case for Camden and a call to Amazon</u><br /> <br /> </strong><span style="font-size: small;"> </span>The op-ed is an invitation to Amazon to consider the City of Camden, New Jersey as the home of its recently announced &ldquo;HQ2.&rdquo; The article details the recent economic and cultural renaissance of the City of Camden&mdash;historically one of the most dangerous cities in the nation with one of the highest violent crime rates in the nation&mdash;and sets forth four core reasons why Amazon should consider the City as the home for &ldquo;HQ2&rdquo; (Location, Logistics, Incentives, and Legacy).&nbsp; The exponential growth of a tech and startup ecosystem in Camden, significant tax incentives from the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, and Camden&rsquo;s centralized location and proximity to Amazon&rsquo;s logistical facilities make Camden a logical choice for Amazon&rsquo;s second headquarters. Click <a href="http://www.njbiz.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20170916/INDINSIGHTS/170919881/a-case-for-camden-and-a-call-to-amazon&amp;template=mobileart"><span style="color: rgb(51, 102, 255);">here</span></a> to read the full article.&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;</span> <span style="font-size: medium;"><br /> <strong> </strong></span><span style="font-size: medium;"><strong> </strong></span>http://www.hillwallack.com?t=39&format=xml&directive=0&stylesheet=rss&records=10